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Personal Loan Leads - Own Website You can built online personal loan leads website with access to LMS ( Lead Management System)
  • Advanced Pages
  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Leads
  • Manage Eligibility
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    Home Loan Leads - Own Website You can access online home loan leads through LMS ( Lead Management System. These are non-exclusive leads.
  • Advanced Pages
  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Leads
  • Manage Eligibility
  • One Time SIGN UP
    Loan Against Property Leads - Own Website You can access online Loan Against Property leads through LMS ( Lead Management System.
  • Advanced Pages
  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Leads
  • Manage Eligibility
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    Create Your Own Website - Generate Exclusive Leads
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  • Home Loan Leads
  • Personal Loan Leads
  • Loan Against Property Leads
  • Business Loan Leads
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  • Access to Lead Management System
  • Create multiple users & channel partners
  • Use loan conversion tools
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    Success Story

    Even as a large DSA, we could not access to leads that are generated online. We did not have the expertise that is required for maintaining a website or running google campaigns to identify high value customers who are searching for loans online. Connectabank gave me a platform to run google campaigns with zero fixed costs and generate my own leads online.

    Small single person DSA like me used to run around real estate brokers for most of the day to get leads. I now campaign using Connectabank. I have complete control over the campaign now and can make sure the leads that I generate are not passed to anyone else. I can also get leads from brokers, builders sitting in my office for free. Thank you Connectabank for helping me grow my business.

    Cold calling from databases was the only way in which I used to get leads. Now, I have my replaced the entire telecalling set up with Connectabank leads at a much lower cost. I incur no fixed costs anymore. If I have to take a vacation, I can pause my campaign. I have complete control now and no lead theft happens.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To register, please fill up the registration form above. We will respond to you within a few hours.

    Connectabank does not charge DSA anything for leads. The charges are limited to the amount that DSAs pay to Google for online leads. Leads generated offline come to you free of any cost. The amount paid to Google depends on the scale of the campaign that you run on Connectabank.

    The leads are shared with you live as they are generated by Google. So if a potential customer visits our website at 10.20pm and applies for a loan as a part of your campaign, you get the lead on your web based Connectabank CRM at 10.20pm itself. You also get a simultaneous sms to the registered mobile number and an e-mail.

    No, you do not need a website to campaign and get leads.

    As of now, you can get leads for home loan, loan against property, personal loans and business loans. We will be adding other segments shortly.

    It depends on the team size and fulfillment capacity that you have and the category you are targeting. While the DSA onboarding team at Connectabank will advise you on the ideal campaign size, the final decision will always be yours.

    With your leads, DSAs get a web based lead management and team management CRM from Connectabank for free. Connectabank is also in the process of giving out a handheld based app which would automate the sales process for multiple banks and multiple products.

    Yes, you can target specific cities if you have lead conversion teams in these cities. You can also target specific areas in cities so that your campaign will only generate leads from the areas you target.

    There is no fee that Connectabank charges if the loans are logged in through the Connectabank codes. Payment is credited to DSA on the same day that Connectabank receives the payment. We offer codes across 13 banks and NBFCs. If the login happens through your own codes, we charge a nominal 20% of the payout from the banks.

    For any query, mail us on: